Cuddly Robot Crochet Pattern

I love this

Squirrel Picnic

Introducing the newest resident of Squirrel Picnic… MEAP! This cuddly little robot made his debut in the Squirrel Picnic comic last weekend. Now I’m providing the pattern so you can make a robot too. And you may not know it yet, but you need a robot. Your cuddly robot can help you in many ways. He’s great for dusting the house and mopping up spills. Glue on a magnet and he can mind your small tools, metal parts, and trinkets. He can even cheer you up when you are sad or just look cute on your desktop.

Crochet MEAP the Robot Pattern

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2 thoughts on “Cuddly Robot Crochet Pattern

  1. carmel8sons Post author

    Its fab, My mum died in Feb and from her left over wool I am making each of my sons a toy memento. This is so perfect for 1 felo. I am just finishing a baby set for friend then I am starting the Robot. I am bored now with the cardigan as my head is planning making robot.


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